For adventure: ruby+zoisite

For adventure: ruby+zoisite


Ruby is a precious gemstone known to give off life energy while on the path you travel. It brings courage and makes you aware of your surroundings—super important values as one adventures through the world. Ruby is often found in zoisite, a deep green color mineral. Zoisite is associated with promoting spiritual learning, which I think is aligned with the traveler. Often we experience an enlightenment, an inner awakening while we are on our travels. This is my wish for you as you experience the world this year! These extra small ruby in zoisite drops are a delightful mix of deep magenta and green.

Please specify the length and color silk cord you would like in a note at checkout. If unspecified, necklaces will be between 16-17" using beige-gold silk cord.

Each ruby in zoisite droplet is just over 1/4 inch long and just under 1/4 inch wide along the widest part of the droplet.

Each stone a little different, but similar to the one pictured. Please understand small variations in color, pattern, and texture will exist.


Ruby and zoisite droplet

Silk cord

Gold plated findings

Gold plated lobster clasp

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