For career: pyrite necklace

For career: pyrite necklace


Pyrite, also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’ is the perfect mineral for someone looking to be ambitious in 2019. It is known for inspiring action, which is a key component of reaching a goal. It’s also known to help manifest wealth through these actions. One thing I particularly like about pyrite’s properties is that it is known to bring boldness and leadership but through working with others and helping strengthen community/relationship ties. I think this is important to career ambitions, to help lift others up while you yourself succeed, rather than viewing everyone as your direct competition, as if it is a win/lose relationship.

Please specify the length and color silk cord you would like in a note at checkout. If unspecified, necklaces will be between 16-17" using tan silk cord.

Pyrite drop measures approximately 5/16 inch long x 1/4 inch wide.


Genuine pyrite drop

Silk cord

Gold plated findings

Gold plated lobster clasp

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