For self-discovery: green rutile quartz

For self-discovery: green rutile quartz


Green rutile quartz is known to help with recognizing your true self, making your decisions , purpose, and long-term vision more clear. Is your resolution this year to be truer to yourself, blaze your own path, or tackle a deep desire that doesn’t seem defineable? Or do you have a gnawing feeling that time is moving so quickly and you’ve been standing in the same place not growing or realizing your full potential? If so, this is the stone you want with you to remind you of your promise to yourself. This piece of green rutile quartz is cut so thin it is translucent when held to the light. You can see the rutile, the needle-like projections running through the quartz, in a beautifully complex, one-of-a-kind maze, like a snowflake.

Please specify the length and color silk cord you would like in a note at checkout. If unspecified, necklaces will be approximately 18" using gray color silk cord.

This gemstone is unique-- only 1 in stock. Stone is approximately 7/8 in long x 1/2 in wide.



Genuine green rutile quartz pendant

Silk cord

Silver plated findings

Silver plated lobster clasp

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