For wealth and abundance: peridot necklace

For wealth and abundance: peridot necklace


Peridot is a powerful stone, known to many cultures for a multitude of positive attributes. I picked it this year particularly as a reminder of wealth and abundance for a number of reasons. Peridot is known for repairing low self-worth, which can lead to us blocking wealth, because we feel we are unworthy. It is also known for subsiding fear, depression, and jealousy, which can be at the very root of why we frivolusly spend or are unable to hold on to and accumulate wealth. In this way, it clears way for the ability to create literal wealth, health, and happiness.

Peridot is also the birthstone for August.

Please specify the length and color silk cord you would like in a note at checkout. If unspecified, necklaces will be between 16-17" using cream silk cord.

Peridot drop measures approximately 1/4 inch long x 1/4 inch wide.


Genuine peridot drop

Silk cord

Gold plated findings

Gold plated lobster clasp

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