Daisy beaded ring

Daisy beaded ring

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This hand beaded ring is part of the Daisy Chain collection. This entire ring is made of tiny Japanese seed beads and thread, taking hours to complete as each bead is added one at a time and passing the thread through each bead many times to add maximal strength. Each tiny ceramic flower is handmade by a ceramicist in the UK.

Please note that 1.5-2 sizes should be added to your normal ring size to achieve the correct fit. This is normal for wide band rings. As an example, if you are normally a size 5, please order a size 6.5 or 7. If your size is not available, I can make a custom size-- Please contact me at lisa@talkstoanimalsshop.com.

Statement size (larger width) available in: Size 9 and Size 11

Standard size available (skinnier width) in: Size 11 and > Size 15


Japanese seed beads

Ceramic white flower bead


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